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Tail gate cover

We have spent many hours shuttling awesome trails (hard at work testing our great new covers!)

Tail gate cover
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Tail gate cover Tail gate cover Tail gate cover Tail gate cover
Here they are! Featuring!
  • Hard wearing heavy grade PVC outer with industrial carpet inner for protection of paintwork on your vehicle
  • 25mm padding throughout cover with double thickness heavy non memory padding for top edge
  • Robust fastening buckles
  • Corner flaps for extra protection of bike frames
  • Can fit up to 6 bikes across ute deck easily and safely with no damage, and quick load and unload time, important when shuttling those trails!
  • Fits all Japanese utes. Larger versions available also for Falcons, F250s etc.
  • 1 year guarantee on item against failure in normal use conditions

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  • Tail Gate Cover NZD $329 inc GST

Bike stands

(Bike raks sold separately)
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Bike stand
  • Now we offer the complete solution, Transport your bikes and store your bikes!
  • This handy rack system allows you to store your bikes in the garage with ease.
  • No more leaning them up against each other or having them parked all around the garage!
  • Our stand allows you to remove your bike rack and fix to the stand so you can store your bikes quickly and safely.
  • We also offer free freight with the purchase of one of our great 4 bike towball mounted bike rack products.
  • Of course like all our great products these are NZ made you are supporting local industry when purchasing all of our products.

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  • Bike Stand NZD $89 inc GST

Antiflex strap

(Bike raks sold separately)

RV Raks now offer a great new product, the Antiflex strap.

antiflex strap
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antiflex strap antiflex strap
  • This is designed to take the bounce out of the bikes and bike rack, as you are travelling over bumps and rough ground.
  • When the bikes bounce hard this puts extra load through the bike rack and also the towball, which can cause stress and fatigue to the steel over time.
  • The Antiflex strap has a foam support that sits inside your rear door or boot, against the hinge. The strap then comes out the hinge gap, and connects to the top tube on the bike rack.
  • It can be used on most vehicles to provide peace of mind when looking in the mirrors, especially on long trips..

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  • Antiflex strap NZD $40 inc GST

RV RAK Attachment Bag

 The complete set of hardware to attach your RV Rak to vehicles listed.

The complete set of hardware to attach your RV Rak to vehicles listed.

Items included:
  • Bolts and spacers/ Stud extensions
  • New Swivel Pin
  • Allen Key
  • Washers/ Spacers to suit.
Please make sure your order is correct as we have a restock fee on this product.
Note this is for one bag only.

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  • Attachment Bag NZD $65 inc gst & delivery

Wheel stud locking nut adapter

Now you can lock your rack to your vehicle using our unique adapter.

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  • Wheel stud locking nut adapter NZD $20 inc GST
  • Vehicle

Replacement foam linings

  • For the arms of your rak when they eventually wear out.
  • To protect your bike.

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  • Replacment foam linings NZD $40 inc GST

Replacement clamping pin

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  • Replacment clamping lever NZD $30 inc GST

Toggle ties(pack of 10)

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  • Toggle ties(pack of 10) NZD $39 inc GST

Large toggle ties(2 pack)

These large ties are great for grouping bikes together on your rak. They are amazingly strong and suitable for a number of other applications. Extra long 1 metre cord and thick rubber

Want more than one unit? Your order quantity can be changed at the checkout.

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  • Large toggle ties(2 pack) NZD $19.50 inc GST