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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I open the back door with my bikes on?

A. - We don�t recommend opening the door with bikes loaded as it puts extra load on the door hinges.

Q. Do you have all your bike racks in stock?

A. - We carry good stock levels on all our RV Raks products, as we find that bike racks are often a last minute thought before the long weekend. We offer an overnight service to our customers in the North Island with orders before 3pm, and 2 days down South. Extra day for rural deliveries.

We offer 40 models of RV Rak, and a further 11 towbar mounted racks. All in stock, all of the time, all for our customers!

Q. How can we pay for our goods?

A. - You can come and see us in store, and use EFTPOS, cash, credit card, or buy online and pay by Bartercard, or internet transfer, credit card, cheque. Always happy for any type of transactions!

Q. How does the RV Rak fit up?

A. - Every model has different mounting parts, but all come with bolts and spacers or stud extensions, which bolt onto your studs. The RV Rak then bolts onto that base. It is designed to allow clearance for models that have protruding wheel locators also.

Q. How does the pivot work?

A. - It consists of a CNC machined part, plug welded into the pipe arms. A �" high tensile pin is used to tighten clamp and lock arm position. It is a greased mechanism, and will periodically require cleaning and regreasing, and screws checked for tightness using hex key supplied.

Q. How do I hold my bikes on the rack?

A. - There are several methods you could use to secure your bike, you can purchase tadpole ties direct from us, a clever elastic zip tie system that easily and safely secures the bike frame to the arms of the bike rack. Alternatively, bungy hooks or even old bicycle tubes can be used.

Q. Will these bike racks carry 5 bikes?

A. - Yes and No. If you want to carry 2 adults and 3 kids bikes, or 5 lightweight or modern bikes, then yes that isn't a problem. The arms are sufficiently long enough to accommodate 5 bikes.

5 downhill bikes, however, could be a problem. We advise against that, with a 80kg safe load. Owner discrestion is needed here as to what is safe and sensible. We cannot accurately specify a limit, as there are several variables such as towbar strength, vehicle overhang, and force created by large bottomouts whilst driving.

Q. Will the Towbar rack range fit my towbar?

A. - If you have a standard 1 7/8" or 50mm towball, yes they will all fit fine. If you have a cast, one piece towball that continues down under the car, common on BMWs and Landrovers, then our towbar mounted racks are unsuitable, due to the curved shaft putting indirect load on the mounting bolts.

Q. Will the RV Rak fit my 4wd?

A. - Chances are we can fit your vehicle, at last count we could fit 40 different models! Just assume we can fit your vehicle if it is seen commonly, and order today!

Q. How can I ensure I receive the correct fitting RV Rak?

A. - Once you have ordered your rack, via email or telephone, please specify the model and year of your vehicle, so upon payment we can dispatch the correct fitting unit.

Q. What does the guarantee cover?

A. - The guarantee covers all mechanical malfunctions that could possibly occur under normal operating conditions, as specified in the instructions upon purchase. No collision damage or overloading damage will be honored. Foam unfortunately is a wear and tear part of the rack, and we recommend protecting high wear areas with insulation tape, (which is supplied) for extra protection against cable eyelets especially.

Q. Will my spare wheel carrier and my rear door be strong enough to carry 4 bikes?

A. - All vehicles we have made mounts to suit were plenty strong enough to accept the task, however we also ask our customers to check their vehicle spare wheel mount looks visibly rigid under load, and has not been altered or damaged in any way. Doors should only carry load in the closed position. Hinge damage may occur by opening door with rak loaded.

Q. Can I still use my wheel lock with my RV Rak?

A. - For most vehicles we can supply a suitable adapter to accept stud locks widely used for securing spare wheels. $25 for adapter. That said we have never heard from any customer buying a new rack because their previous rack had been stolen!

Q. What if I have a soft or hard cover on my spare wheel?

A. - Some people cut a 100mm slit in the centre of the soft cover and put the cover over the RV Rak mount. Others take the covers off altogether, as all the other tyres on the car are also exposed to the U.V. light.

Q. What if I have a wheel locator protruding from the centre of the spare wheel?

A. - The RV Rak design allows for spare wheel locators that protrude from the mount. The spacers or extensions provided are long enough to clear these. Just bolt on and go!