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About RV RAK bike racks

My name is Brent Nielson, and I am the creator of the RV Rak's. The first thing to mention is I am passionate about outdoor sport and recreation. It was my love of mountain biking that bought to my attention the lack of the ideal carrier to get my bikes from place to place. I decided to form a product based company focusing on an area that was close to my heart.

Adrenalin junkie

As an experienced adrenalin junkie I design and innovate products, continually developing and refining them to achieve the perfect balance of practicality, affordability and functionality.

Driven by passion

I grew up a keen motorcross racer and spent much of my time racing, practicing, training and maintaining my bikes. That love of motorcycles and mechanics led me to complete the NZ Certificate in Mechanical Engineering at EIT after finishing Havelock North High School.


From there I undertook an apprenticeship in Maintenance and Diagnostics and continued in the engineering trade. During my working life I have met many enthusiastic outdoors people who introduced me to my current passions - road motorcycle racing and mountain biking. My other outdoor pursuits include hunting, trout fishing, fourwheel driving and trail riding.

Product testing

I enjoy my work and am constantly using and testing all products in the field, continually thinking about how they can be made even better, stronger, easier/cheaper to produce, anything to improve my products in the marketplace.

Wide range of products

Practical Innovations now has a comprehensive bike rack range covering vehicles such as 4x4s, utilities, hatchbacks and standard towbar equipped cars. With that product range complete and shelves stocked, I am now turning my attention to other areas where I have seen gaps in the recreational market.

Watch this space to see more RV-RAK's !!!